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In-Store Promotions Still Count

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So I went to the mall today where I saw some cool in-store promotions, and I thought, “What the heck, let’s blog about it!”

So here we are.

Many companies are moving the majority of their marketing to Social Media, and I think they are missing some important concepts.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Social Marketing is extremely important and  becoming more so every day. Companies have to be present on the web, but an extremely good way to brand your business is through the type of in-store promotions you carry.

Any even better way to brand is to have something that is grabbed from the store and carried elsewhere.

Auntie Anne's napkin promo

Auntie Anne’s napkin promo

Auntie Anne’s does this great with the napkin promos they give out with their food. This made me laugh out loud when I read this. It got me, and I associate Auntie Anne’s with witty humor and a friendly environment now.

If it got me as an Ad/PR person, I know it is getting a lot of great hits with regular consumers. These also end up getting brought all over the mall by the people eating their food. Free distribution, you can’t beat that.

Another trend I saw within clothing stores was 3D lettering on a shelf instead of a poster to display information.

Rue 21 Promo

Rue 21 Promo

We live in a 3D world, and I think this is an excellent way for Rue 21 to engage consumers and show them where specific articles of clothing are in a fun way. When I looked at those, I thought of action. I associated the store with movement and realism. When it comes to jeans, that’s exactly what I want to think.

Maurice’s also chimed in with this 3D lettering, but instead for a clearance sign.

Maurice's promo

Maurice’s promo

While they aren’t as flashy as Rue 21, it does pull the eye to the clearance section and I’m sure if it was tracked it would show an increase in sales for that area.

Social Media may be the king of the mountain right now in the marketing world, but we should not forget that it is only one platform. To grab the most consumers over a diverse plane, a multi-platform approach is key. In-store promotions help brand the business as a whole and give consumers who enter the feeling of a comfortable environment and pull their eyes where you want them.

Social Media will get them there, and the in-store content will keep them there.


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