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Hey guys, short post tonight because I am heading for a road trip at 6 in the morning tomorrow.

Just wanted to talk about how awesome Xbox Live marketing has become and how they get me every time I turn on my 360.

The way the platform is set up is images in panes, with minimalist descriptive captions. Letting the image speak to the consumer is an excellent strategy for targeting Gamers. We are visual people, and we like pictures.

Xbox Live

Having the game-disk pane be the default highlighted area for the cursor makes sure consumers won’t get annoyed trying to sift through¬†advertising to get to their game while still getting them to subconsciously consume the ads at the same time.

Even then, with how the platform is laid out, it makes you WANT to click them.

That’s because they market things that interest Gamers, as seen here with an ad for Halo Week and the FIFA Tournaments ad.

You basically have to see these things, and sometimes you are even anticipating what new awesome ad you will see on the screen when you turn the system on.

All in all, I love the advertising on Xbox Live. Heck, I already loved Xbox before they started marketing interesting things to me.

Now it’s an OBSESSION.



P.S. If you are wondering why it says tonight at the top even though this was published at 10:00 am is because I am changing my publishing time to the morning and I usually only have time to write at night. The woes of college life huh?


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