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College used to be about learning more and becoming a better person.

Now everyone just goes because they feel like they have to.

The stigma is:

“You can’t get a good job without going to college.”

I agree that college is a good idea, and it will make you smarter, but it is not meant for everyone and it definitely should not be pushed on people. In almost every industry you could learn everything you need to know in an internship or entry level position. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars going to school to learn what you need to know.

Now that everyone is getting a degree though, it is becoming more and more of a stipulation that you HAVE to have a degree to get the job. Heck, in most job requirements it states that you need a degree or you might as well not apply.

That is wrong on many different levels. Someone with 10 years of experience might not even get looked at for a job just because they have no college experience. They might be a better candidate and a harder worker than the graduate, but they are automatically shunned because they don’t have the degree.

Some people are not classroom learners. Some people may not have the money or the correct life-circumstances to attend college. That shouldn’t make them unmarketable.

I believe in giving people a fair shake, especially hard working and dedicated individuals.

Heck, I wouldn’t be in college right now if I honestly felt like I could get a job without it.

As amazing as it sounds to have everyone in the U.S. be college educated, the reality is that it will only make that first degree less marketable.

Check that out.

The more people that have degrees, THE LESS YOURS MATTERS.

So is it really a good idea for everyone to have a college education?

I don’t think so.

As long as the social connotation persists that a college education is necessary to get a good job, we are going to continually see a rise in unemployment within the college educated demographic.

Now you are going to need a master’s degree to get an entry level job.

Everyone who can’t afford to go to school is just screwed I guess.

Chew on that.


  1. ChristinG says:

    I agree with this whole-heartedly. People who are more ‘qualified’ on paper often lack the ability to make quick, unexpected decisions and aren’t always as readily able to adapt to a situation as a more seasoned veteran of that field would be able to Also, having a formal education doesn’t make a person intelligent, WordPress in itself is an awesome example of this. I’ve come across more genius students and ignorant PHD owners than on any other platform, we aren’t paying for an education anymore, we’re paying for a piece of paper.

    • Absolutely! You hit the nail right on the head. I like the idea of school and what it used to be, but the system has been corroded over time and now focuses more on the money than on the education. It is almost like, as a society, we are only serious about wanting a job if we have sacrificed thousands of dollars to a school for a degree. It isn’t about the work, or the time, it is about the money.

      • ChristinG says:

        And even in the sense of getting IN to a reputable college. The grade requirements are dropping all the time; because now its not about how much you learn or how passionate a person is about knowledge- its a business model. More students attending is more money in the bank for colleges as institutions, and if they drop out after a year all the better. 8 grand down the drain with no certificate? Perfect.

      • Not even then. They WANT you to graduate, because you will have then paid for four whole years of school, then you have to pay for your degree, and then you have to pay for cap and gown. It is crazy.

      • ChristinG says:

        Some days I just wish I could be a 50’s housewife and my only obligation would be dinner and sufficient child-rearing.Careers, debt, the works. Its all just ridiculous.

      • Yeah I wish I could be a housewife too…. I joke, but seriously it is getting ridiculous these days. Just wrote a blog similar to this conversation a second ago lol. The world is getting more dog-eat-dog every day. It is kind of scary actually.

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