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Ok a lot of stuff has happened in the last couple of days and I would like to talk about some of it.

First and foremost the Boston Marathon Explosions. The news media is doing a TERRIBLE job covering it. I am seeing contradictory reports on every other news channel.

It’s terrorists, it’s not terrorists, police made an arrest, no arrests have been made. It is all bogus. Can we not just report on the things we know for certain? When did journalism become about who could tell the biggest lie? Are we descending back into Yellow journalism?

There have been countless heroes that helped save people’s lives in the aftermath, and they are hardly reported on. If there is no information, there is no shame in saying that. Skip the speculations and get to the info. In the words of my professor Dr. Cain, “People remember who got it wrong, not who got it first.”

Moving on, Facebook has been helping lobby for the new immigration reform bill recently. They have been getting great PR and Zuckerberg has been playing the hero. What they don’t want to tell you is that the Facebook company has also lobbied to make it easier for them to hire foreign labor and pay them considerably less than they would pay an American. They also have gotten around the “good-faith” stipulation that would require the company to hire an American applicant before seeking a foreign worker for the position. So while they may seem like they are taking a moral stand for equality, they certainly have their own agenda.

For more info: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/facebook-flexes-political-muscle-with-carve-out-in-immigration-bill/2013/04/16/138f718e-a5e7-11e2-8302-3c7e0ea97057_story.html?hpid=z2&buffer_share=c6ba4&utm_source=buffer

In more local news (at least local for me), a massive explosion devastated the small town of West, Texas. The town is located south of Dallas and only an hour from my hometown. This was an all around terrible accident that possibly could not have happened in a worse place. Fertilizer is pretty flammable, and some aspects of it can be explosive, as we have seen with this story. There have been 120 reported injured, some critically. Let me lay this out.

There was a fire at a fertilizer plant, already a bad sign. Then when firefighters saw the smoke they ran out to help fight it. As they got there, it exploded into a huge mushroom-like cloud.

It leveled houses and businesses near it, of which included a middle school and a nursing home. Like I said, couldn’t have been much worse. But now check this out. THERE IS ANOTHER TANKER FULL OF THE STUFF THAT MIGHT EXPLODE NEXT. They are evacuating everyone in case it does.

I haven’t been able to get a consistent view on a casualty list. Some sites say none, some say 60, some say 5. I know there are some firefighters unaccounted for, but that’s it. So we are seeing a difference in factual evidence within the journalism community like we saw with the Boston Explosions, but now in a totally different area.

This is concerning. People are consuming this media voraciously, and they are getting differing pieces of information. We need to focus on reporting the facts and less on trying to get the biggest story. This isn’t some game, nor is it a race. This information changes people’s lives, and affects how the American people handle crises.

Try Acting Like You Care.



West info sources:






  1. Twitchy Witch says:

    I approve of this rant! For the sake of the people that need to hear how it is, continue your truths!
    ~Twitchy the Witch


    • Thank you! It just makes me angry that we can’t ever get the information we need as a society without bias and triviality strewn throughout it.

      • Twitchy Witch says:

        But that’s what they do.. They always have. It’s just more obvious now because they’re getting bolder and Americans are getting dumber. I have a special place in my heart just for the hatred I have for the media. I would rather be blissfully unaware than listen to the stupid that falls out of the mouths of those people.

      • I like to have the information, I just always take it with a pound of salt.

      • Twitchy Witch says:

        lol… a pound is right…

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