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The End Times… Maybe?

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There have been a lot of bad things happening in world news lately. Explosions, murders, and bombings in the U.S. Ethnic cleansing in Burma. Violent protests in Egypt. An earthquake in China. You get my point.

For as long as I can remember our society has been obsessed with the idea of some sort of APOCALYPSE. Some way for the world to end and everything to be destroyed. Only the strong survive and carve out a piece for themselves. That sort of thing.

I totally buy into to. I love planning out the zombie apocalypse and what I would do. As well as nuclear fallout, economic collapse, invasion from a foreign enemy. You got an apocalypse, I’ve got a plan for it. But why do we do this?

I have a theory about this phenomenon. My theory pertains mainly to the United States, but it can also be seen within other countries as well.

Ok here it goes.

WE WANT AN APOCALYPSE TO HAPPEN. That sounds crazy, but hear me out.

At the moment we are born there are certain social guidelines that are placed upon us. Every year those guidelines get a little harder to keep up with. The advent of technology has given us great opportunity to succeed, but not everyone can make it. It is becoming an ever increasingly cut-throat world, and it only gets worse as the economy falls farther and farther.

We can no longer get solace from working our regular job and making ends meet. We have to be doing better all the time, we have to get that new iPhone, the 3D TV, the car with butt warmers (We are getting swanky up in here).

Keeping up with the Jones’s has a WHOLE new meaning in today’s world. And that isn’t even talking about the prestige factor.

We want to have the nice job, the “Look how awesome I am Mom, aren’t you proud of me?” and going to the high school reunion saying, “Ya I am THE creative director for this-and-this company. What do YOU do?” It is insane.

Many of us deep down are having a hard time coping with that pressure. That is why we love consuming these grandiose shows, books, and movies about how the world is going to end. We are seeking a simpler world where by the strength of our arms and the grit in our heart we will make it by. We are looking for a way to connect with our roots and go back to the days where simply just surviving meant you were doing a good job.  A world where you can be a hero.

I think we all want to be a hero in some form or fashion. We love seeing the underdog survive, and watch them become a leader.

This world is crazy, and sometimes you just have to let go. I think it is an interesting idea that we are all giving in to this idea of getting away.

When it comes down to it, that’s why I like to go hiking with all of my survival gear. I will most likely never encounter a time where I will be forced to spend a night in the wild. But sometimes when I am on that hike, I find myself almost wishing I could get the chance to test my mettle and rough it outdoors.

It is silly, but it is my escape.

So is my zombie killing hatchet laying next to my bed.

Just Sayin’.


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